Increase Your Recruiting ROI

Many vital services necessitate delegating to professionals, saving us time and money. Case in point:   I hire professionals outside my business to achieve specific kinds of results (CPA, lawyer, professional trainer, mechanics, realtor, Web design). These professionals maximize my  productivity, allowing me to bring the next Rock Star to companies like yours. 

When you selectively hire an outside search firm or specific recruiter for a search – such as a major challenge type of search – you accomplish two things:  

(1) it frees your professional recruiting experts to devote time to other recruiting projects and (2) allows the external recruiter to complement your team’s work. How? By focusing on your toughest challenges, while distinguishing your organization from the competition, driving appeal, and expediting results. This is most evident when an experienced external recruiter partners with you, builds a search strategy and tactical steps, then quickly executes with accountability to you.

Here are a few examples of when it pays to “go to the outside:” 

  • Brand new opportunity
  • Notoriously hard-to-find people
  • Company rebounding from negative spiral: stock dive, public scandal, bad press, layoffs, etc.
  • Low unemployment rate – like we are experiencing right now
  • High turnover
  • Unknown or new brand
  • Long-term open position. In this case, an experienced professional recruiter will help you figure out why it is still open, implications and recommendations
  • Confidential searches
  • Direct competition recruiting
  • Certain C-Level searches

Time and productivity are maximized by selectively working with an external professional recruiter, one who executes challenging searches and delivers results.  A good recruiter will partner with your organization – with both management and HR. Further, they will provide regular accountability, strong candidates who are qualified, interested and motivated/available to interview…..and who genuinely want to contribute to your organization’s success.

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